Foaming Soap Dispenser (Black)


TouchPoint™ Black Elite Foaming Soap Dispensers are a versatile, durable and contemporary wall-mount option for any washing area in your office, facility, kitchen, washroom or shower area. Our one-pump foaming solution provides up to three times the washings versus lotion soaps.


  • Highly durable plastic
  • One of the most durable soap dispensers on the market
Product Type: Soap Dispenser
Dispenser Size: 5.4″x11″x4″
Dispensers Per Case: 12
Case Dimensions

Dimensions: 21″x17″x8″

Weight: 17 lb


  • Senior Care – perineal care, hands and face
  • Child Care – hands, face and bottoms
  • Fitness – cardio equipment, mats, weight machines and accessories
  • Offices – desks, keyboards, phones and mouses
  • Retail – grocery carts, cart handles and staff hands

Recommended for

  • All sized facilities and retail stores (health clubs, fitness gyms, offices, grocery stores, senior care homes, child care centers, hospitals, studios, therapy clinics, and industrial locations)

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