Next Level Health Benefits for Gym-Goers​

Now that most of the COVID restrictions have been lifted, many people have gone back to the gym. People are once again committed to getting healthy and staying active. This is great news!

While we’ve been aware of the necessity of protecting ourselves from germs for decades, the past three years have driven home the importance of doing so.

And now that we’re back at the gym, there are things staff and gym-goers can do to ensure that they protect themselves from disease while seeking to improve their health and fitness level.

Here is some interesting—and surprising—information found in the August 21, 2021, post on Fit Rated: Fitness Equipment Review website: Exercise bikes have been found to have up to 39x more bacteria than a reusable cafeteria tray.
Treadmills have been found to have up to 74x more bacteria than a water faucet.
And most disturbing of all…
Free weights have been found to have up to 362x more bacteria than a toilet seat.

For more information, you can read the entire post here:

Wiping down the surfaces in the gym with TouchPoint™ Fitness Wipes will offer staff and patrons next level health benefits. It will also show your members that they can trust your staff because they care about patrons’ safety and are doing all they can to minimize health risks. An increasing number of members will have confidence about coming to the gym, knowing there are good hygiene protocols in place.

It’s true that bacteria, viruses, and fungi spread easily in a gym as people move between different pieces of equipment. Wiping down the machines, equipment, and mats minimizes the risk of cross contamination. When wipes are easily accessible, you increase the likelihood that patrons will use them. It isn’t enough for staff to wipe things down once or twice a day. It’s important that this becomes a regular practice by both staff and gym-goers. The frequency of cleaning is important.

Fragrance-free, non-corrosive TouchPoint™ wipes provide a convenient, cost-effective solution, as wipes are less invasive to other members than airborne sanitizers and disinfecting systems. Wipes allow for the precise application of the germ-killing ingredients.

Our wipes are easy to use. Simply wipe down the equipment and allow it to air dry. Done!

And because the wipes are pre-portioned, their use reduces waste and minimizes the work it takes to keep your facility clean.

TouchPoint™ produces a complete line of Fitness Wipes for every area and every size facility. These wipes are safe to use on seats, arm and leg rests, benches, hand grips, and many other gym accessories. Learn more here:

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